A Chinese Ghost Story - Ning Choi Sun 2.0


A Chinese Ghost Story - Ning Choi Sun 2.0

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Produkt Nummer : 42458

Artikelnummer : RM-1078

EAN-Nummer : 4897020101086

Typ : Komplette Figuren

Nationalität : China

Zeitraum : Nebenprodukt

304 € Menge
Mehr Informationen
- 1 newly painted new head sculpt (normal facial expression) with authentic and detailed likeness of Ning Choi Sun
- Accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
- Newly developed action body with more than 30 points of articulations which can reproduce Ning Choi Sun signature pose
- Black cloth hat
- Pair of new trousers
- Long-sleeved underwear
- Pair of long grey socks
- Pair of black shoes
- 5 pieces of newly developed Ning Choi Sun signature interchangeable hands
- Hand Bell
- Diamond Sutra
- Lanterns (with LED)
- Paper Painting
- Funeral urn
- Traditional Bamboo Backpack
- Figurine stand with base
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