Caucasian Male Body

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Caucasian Male Body

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Artikelnummer : JXT-S02

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Neck: Could match head sculpts with standard neck adaptors
Movability: Highly poselable, around 30 ariticalations around whole body.

The whole body is sprayed and painted, the skin color is uniform, the movable property is high,the joints are tight, and the smoothness includes 5 opponents. Beautiful blister color box packaging
Note: Please don't bend the articulations against normal directions in case of damage. When replacing hands, please heat the connection hollow first for 1 minute. Any damage after receiving is not covered in seller's responsibility.

Andre S. le 14/02/2023 Verifizierter Käufer
ATTENTION This 1/6 body is oversized and also needs oversized clothes!

All in all, a very well and thoughtfully constructed muscular male 1/6 body. The upper body consists of a vinyl soft plastic that ends at the joint of the upper arms.
The figure joints are somewhat stiffer. But the figure also needs this to stabilize the higher weight and size. As far as I have tried so far, feet can not be removed and are - in my opinion - only suitable for hollow 1/6 shoes to put on. But it is still a very good and versatile 1/6 body
Dan Z. le 08/01/2023 Verifizierter Käufer
articulations au niveau des coudes un peut raides
philippe C. le 13/12/2022 Verifizierter Käufer
corps superbe avec plusieurs mains très pratique pour faire les posesrntrès bonne article

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