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Offer a Gift Card for Father's Day!
Veröffentlicht am 15/06/2021

Don't let him sink into the dark side: for Father's Day, treat him to something that is sure to please him!

All our gift vouchers are available here: Gift Cards

Quick-Toy gift cards now available !
Veröffentlicht am 31/05/2021

Now, you have the choice of your gift card design!

Indeed, you can offer gift cards bearing the image of our other website: Quick-Toy.

You can use E-codes and gift cards on both websites!

Find all of our gift cards and e-codes here : Gift cards.

So ? Rather a 1/6th scale military universe or all scales movies atmosphere ? Make your choice!

Star Ace stops Harry Potter licence
Veröffentlicht am 15/04/2021

Regrettably, we learn that Star Ace will no longer produce Harry Potter series figures.

Nevertheless, you can always get their items still in stock or to come in our shop: Star Ace Harry Potter Figures

Something huge is approaching...
Veröffentlicht am 26/03/2021

Something huge is approaching, and we are ready to face it...

Machinegun wishes you a Merry Christmas !
Veröffentlicht am 24/12/2020

The Machinegun team wishes you a Merry Christmas !

A pen offered with your Machinegun gift card!
Veröffentlicht am 15/12/2020

To write a little note for Christmas, we are giving you a Machinegun collector pen for any gift card purchase on our website! Caution, limited quantity!

More details : Gift Cards

Note regarding government measures
Veröffentlicht am 29/10/2020

Dear Machineguners,

As you all know now, once again, France will be confined until December 1. And once again, the entire Machinegun team will remain mobilized during this period in order to continue shipping your orders.

In order to avoid relay point closure problems, we are going to temporarily suspend the possibility of having them delivered by this means in France. However, the Colissimo and DPD Predict services delivering directly to your home remain available.

Regarding shipments already in progress, just like you, we are waiting for carriers for packages that cannot be delivered to a relay point. We will get back to you by email as soon as we have more information and will deal with cases on a case-by-case basis.

We count on your understanding regarding the handling of your questions by e-mail, as we risk being overloaded with requests. There is therefore no need to send us several messages, they will be processed as quickly as possible. Please know that we will do our best to answer you and find a solution as soon as possible.

We wish you all good luck in this new ordeal, and count on you to apply all the rules in force in order to preserve your safety, that of your loved ones, as well as that of others.

Best regards,

The prefect Christmas gift !
Veröffentlicht am 26/10/2020

Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it that counts... For Christmas, offer something that will please for sure!


More details : Gift Cards and E-Codes

New advanced search available!
Veröffentlicht am 22/10/2020

A new advanced search system is now available.

Find your items by selecting the different criteria to make your search easier.

All filters are modular and compatible with manual search!

Do you know Quick-Toy ?
Veröffentlicht am 01/10/2020

Did you know ?

Quick-Toy is our second website dedicated to movie collectibles, and managed by the same team as Machinegun!

Unlike Machinegun which only offers 1/6th scale items, Quick-Toy focuses on all sizes: 1/1 Lifesize Replicas, 1/4th scale, 1/12th scale... Check and browse our wide choice of movie collectibles!

So take look if you haven't already: Quick-Toy