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Exposition 2ème concours international de figurines 1/6ème
Veröffentlicht am 05/01/2024


2ème concours international de figurines 1/6ème.

? Samedi 14 Septembre 2024 et Dimanche 15 Septembre 2024 à Guerigny.

Merry Christmas!
Veröffentlicht am 24/12/2023

Machinegun team wishes you a Merry Christmas !

Black Friday Deals extension to 11-29-2023 !
Veröffentlicht am 27/11/2023

Many of you have contacted us following this morning's post announcing the end of our Black Friday Deals today at 12 p.m., in order to give you additional time for your purchases.

Given the website issues the first two days, we decided to take the Dolorean and race to 88 miles per hour to extend the offers until Wednesday, November 29 at 9 a.m.!

A way to apologize and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Check the backstages of our move!
Veröffentlicht am 23/11/2023

We reveal behind the scenes of our move in video! Do not hesite to Like and share! ? ?

Black Friday Deals are back !
Veröffentlicht am 23/11/2023

Black Friday Deals are back!! ??


Many of you asked us if we were going to do it again this year, you already had a little clue yesterday, some of you were right!

Big news this year, discounts are not only for figures, but also to some loose parts items!


So don't waste time, a lot of things were sold out at breakneck speed last year, and it's only valid until Monday 27th at 12 PM!


More details : Black Friday Deals

Christmas coming soon...
Veröffentlicht am 13/11/2023

Everyone has their own way for letting people know what they want for Christmas... ? ? ?


So don't annoy our Machinguners, offer something that will definitely make them happy: Machinegun and/or Quick-Toy gift card or e-code.


More details : Gift cards

Surprise Camion 6 arrival available in few minutes !
Veröffentlicht am 09/11/2023

Surprise Camion 6 arrival coming soon ! ? 6?? ?

This arrival has something special, it's the private collection that you have all been waiting for... You can already enter your alert emails but be careful, most of the items only have one piece in stock! So don't ask yourself too many questions...

Take the time to read the details as well, some references have particularities wrote in red.

More details : Camion 6 Arrival

Never loose hope...
Veröffentlicht am 25/10/2023

To all Machineguners who lost hope, to the resigned ones who thought they would never find the collectible that they missed a long time ago : Machinegun is here for you.


We found out a private collection with very old, rare, or even pieces that we never had!


We can already hear your footsteps and your screams of joy far away, calm down. It won't be right away, but keep following us on our website and our social networks, an exceptional camion arrival could show up soon...

Discover the Quick-Toy shop !
Veröffentlicht am 06/10/2023

You often ask us other scales than 1/6th. Did you know that our other shop Quick-Toy sells other figures and accessories with all scales ?

You want the same service than Machinegun, with other items, other scales, other universes ?... Don't search anymore :

Loose parts arrivals now available !
Veröffentlicht am 13/09/2023

Dear Machineguners,

You can now follow our next arrivals of loose parts and figures directly in the Arrivals section!
They will be called "Arrival Camion", and you will be able to directly see all the new products to come with their available date!

So, like for our big arrivals, fill your email alerts to be notified as soon as they are available!

More details :