Peaky Blinders - Arthur Shelby

Big Chief Studio

Peaky Blinders - Arthur Shelby

Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide

Verfügbarkeit : Ausverkauft

Produkt Nummer : 50031

Artikelnummer : BCBP0003

EAN-Nummer : 5060290152631

Typ : Komplette Figuren

Nationalität : England

Zeitraum : Nebenprodukt

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Arthur Shelby is Tommy Shelby's right-hand man and a tough member of the Peaky Blinders. The eldest of the Shelby siblings, he is also Deputy Vice President of Shelby Company Limited. More brawn than brains, Arthur was a Sapper during the war in France, who alongside his brother Thomas, dug treacherous tunnels in order to place explosives beneath enemy positions. Arthur continues to struggle with trauma from the war and becomes steadily unhinged. His drink and drug fuelled life often result in violence and rage. Finding some peace in religion, Arthur wrestles with his desire for a peaceful life in California and loyalty to his family.

BIG Chief Studios in association with Endemol Shine under license from Caryn Mandabach Productions are proud to bring you the next release in the collectable figure series from the award-winning Peaky Blinders. Outfitted in a stunning hand-tailored costume, the brooding Arthur Shelby strikes a formidable pose in his infamous cap. Join the gang today by order of the Peaky Blinders.

- Arthur Shelby Portrait Head featuring Authentic Likeness of Paul Anderson
- Anatomix Male Body (Standard) with over 30 Points of Articulation
- Black Heavy Overcoat with Peaked Lapels
- Dark blue Single-breasted Suit Jacket
- Dark blue Suit Waistcoat with Pocket Chain
- Pair of Dark Blue Suit Trousers
- Pair of Bracers
- White Shirt with Penny Collar
- Polka Dot Black Bow Tie
- Shoulder Holster
- Pair of Gentleman’s Boots
- Interchangeable Hands x10
- News Boy Cap (Moulded)
- News Boy Cap (Fabric)
- .38 Revolver
- .455 Revolver
- Baton
- Stiletto Pocket Knife
- Lit cigar
- Lighter
- Hip Flask
- Bottle of Whiskey
- Tumbler with Whiskey

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