Soul Of Tiger Generals - Zhou Cang

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Soul Of Tiger Generals - Zhou Cang

Verfügbarkeit : Auf Lager

Produkt Nummer : 36083

Artikelnummer : IFT-035

Typ : Komplette Figuren

Nationalität : China

Zeitraum : Mittelalter

279 € Menge
Mehr Informationen

- An Elaborate-carving head (in a felt hat)
- Strong body
- 5 pieces of interchangeable palms
- Approximately 33 cm tall
- Black robe
- Grey vest
- Black Bloomers
- A pair of adding fat pants
- A suit of armor (including a waist support?a belt?a tiger skin apron?etc)
- Square stage with transparent pillar
- Sword

JOHN CARMICH... le 14/09/2020
can the hat be removed from the head. what material is it made from?

thanks regards John.
de l'équipe le 14/09/2020

No you can't remove the hat.

It's plastic material.

Best regards,

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