The Crow - Eric Draven

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The Crow - Eric Draven

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"Victims ... aren’t we all?"

Sideshow presents The Crow Sixth Scale Figure, a cult classic character bringing vengeance to your display of movie collectibles.
The Crow Sixth Scale Figure features a detailed likeness of actor Brandon Lee in his role as Eric Draven from the film The Crow. Resurrected and ready for retribution, he wears a tailored black fabric costume, which consists of a torn trenchcoat, a long-sleeved shirt with holes and wrapping, pants, and a necklace holding his fiancée's ring close to his heart. Finished with a pair of sculpted boots, the undead antihero’s signature look captures the somber tragedy of that fateful Devil’s Night.
The Crow Sixth Scale Figure is a highly articulated, poseable collectible with a variety of thematic accessories and swap-out elements, giving you complete control over your display. Eric Draven is accompanied by a crow proximity figure to guide him, and his armory features a pistol, a revolver, a shotgun, and a sword. The Crow collectible figure also comes with multiple sets of swap-out hands including a pair of relaxed hands, a pair of gun-holding hands, a pair of grip hands, a pair of fists, and a right hand featuring a bullet hole and blood details.
It can’t rain all the time — rise from the grave and bring home The Crow Sixth Scale Figure for your collection today.

The Crow Sixth Scale Figure specially features:

- Erik Draven Headsculpt, as played by Brandon Lee in The Crow
- Fabric costume, including:
- Torn Trenchcoat
- Long-Sleeved Shirt w/ holes and wrapping
- Pants with wrapping
- Necklace w/ Ring
- Multiple handsets
- Relaxed hands
- Gun holding hands
- Grip hands
- Fists
- Bloody Hand with Bullet Hole
- One (1) Pair of Boots
- Pistol
- Revolver
- Shotgun
- Sword
- Crow

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