WWII Finnish Army Soldier

Alert Line

WWII Finnish Army Soldier

Verfügbarkeit : Auf Lager

Produkt Nummer : 48926

Artikelnummer : AL100037

EAN-Nummer : 3666793346014

Typ : Komplette Figuren

Nationalität : Anderen

Zeitraum : WWII

165 € Menge
Mehr Informationen

- Head sculpture 
- Male body 
- Hands x3
- Cotton cap
- Cap
- Uniform coat 
- Uniform pants 
- Smock 
- Smock pants
- Leather boots
- Leather belt 
- Package 
- Backpack belt
- Rucksack bag
- Lunch box
- Kettle
- Sniper rifle 
- Leather bullet bag x2
- Dagger
- Dagger set
- Gloves
- Shoulder emblem
- Collar 
- Cap badge x2

Dragonfan196... le 18/04/2023
Hi Pierre,
I'm Carlos from Portugal and I would like to know if is possible to reserved this figure to next month? Today I order the other Alert Line Figure the navy guy and for my its not possible to buy this month two figures.

Best Regards
Carlos Vinagre
de l'équipe ... le 18/04/2023

You can place your order and select "Bank Transfer" as payment method.

Best regards,

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